Design Challenge

A beautiful tudor house in Mount Kisco, NY was overgrown and dying.  The grass in the front and backyard were turning brown and beginning to look like a jungle.  Understandably, the owner wanted to renew her home’s image and turned to us for help.

The Natural Greenscapes Effect

We surveyed the property and recommended design ideas and plant recommendations to unlock the natural beauty of her home, garden, deck, and walkways.

Natural Greenscapes recommended low-maintenance and deer-resistant plants to avoid a large amount of maintenance on her part.  We took a look at her home’s natural beauty and also chose some lower foundation plants to accent the front and back yards.

We planted weeping cherries, boxwoods, cypresses, and honey grasses and got her home looking like new.

Client’s Reaction

Our client could not be more pleased with the work.  She was ecstatic at finally being able to see her home the way it was meant to be seen — a beautiful tudor masterpiece accented in beautiful greens.  She was happy that “she would no longer have to spend years looking at that jungle.